Tantric Life Coach course in Sänna

Postitatud 3.10.2013

Sänna Kultuurimõisas

Juhendab Shanti Limnell

I kohtumine: 21.-24. november 2013

II kohtumine: 20.-23. veebruar 2014

III khtumine:18.-20. aprill 2014

Sometimes your own attitude and way of tackling the events in your life creates more pain than the events themselves. Through a tantric approach you can find more acceptance and joy in your life. The energy that is saved by struggling less against life can be used for creating a life that you love to live!

After experiencing the Tantra Training and the changes in your own life you might be inspired to continue to become a certified Tantric Life Coach, to gain more skills in how to guide others in the tantric life approach letting go of conditioning and fears.

As a Tantric Life Coach you will be able to lead Tantra workshops, do private coaching, conduct Tantric ceremonies. You can use your skills at any job or life situation, in family, community and society to make a difference in the way people are connecting and communicating – solving difficult situations with more heart and awareness and less struggle.

The methods used in the course are based on bodywork, breathing, meditation and tantric practises to challenge and help you grow and find more of your own true being. Systemic Constellation (Family Constellations) will also be used as a basic method to heal the flow of love in your family system. The focus of the course is for you to make your own experiences of expanding awareness, understanding and acceptance through practical exercises.

You will gain skills to become relaxed, connected to yourself and confident in leading exercises and guiding others through their processes and questions in life. You will learn skills for bodywork and touch. You learn to facilitate discussions and business negotiations in a tantric and connected way. You practice to create and conduct different ceremonies and events for various situations like celebrations and rites of passage.

For certification there will be no exam but the participants will receive constant feedback, encouragement and evaluation about their progress from the teachers and fellow participants during the education. In order to certify the participant needs to understand basic tantric principles and display the ability to mange the skills mentioned above.

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